SOMETIMES it is little touches, that often go unnoticed, that can make a huge difference, and the attention to detail at Ascot is second to none.

One that I have to admit I hadn’t maybe noticed previously, or paid no heed to, is their publishing of the racecard in A4 size. This could be the difference between someone going to the races or staying at home. Thankfully, I do not currently need a larger size print, but that day could come.

The Royal Ascot racecard is a little smaller than most, and very traditional. The photograph accompanying this shows the comparative sizes, and I was among the lucky ones to have a card at my desk in the Alistair Haggis press room each morning with my name embossed on the cover. What a lovely keepsake to have, and what a lovely gesture.

The recently opened Alistair Haggis press room is a fitting tribute to a much-loved and respected man who, tragically, died of motor neurone disease eight years ago. Accommodating some 30 members of the fourth estate, it is dedicated to a man who was an integral part of the press team at Ascot for almost a quarter of a century. His greatest legacy, apart from his human qualities, was his role in establishing and developing the Shergar Cup meeting,

Alistair began his career at the International Racing Bureau, worked at Newmarket racecourses, and was a key member of the British Champions Series team from its launch in 2011.