MORE and more, people generally are becoming more educated about the power of choice and affirmation to bring about a positive mindset and real change in their daily lives.

In some ways, it’s the new frontier science - the effect on human neurology of the way we choose to see and live our lives. We all have a limited number of days here on this earth, how do you want to live yours - is your glass half full or half empty?

We are delighted to welcome Cork commentator and activist, Joanne O’Riordan, to the pages of Irish Horse World this week.

Inspirational as ever, Joanne challenges herself - and us all - to do what we can to break down barriers, play our own part in levelling the proverbial field for everyone.

Joanne has set herself the goal of riding a horse or pony in 2022 and she needs our collective support and also some specific practical help to make that happen from Ireland’s equestrian craftspeople. Let’s rally to her uplifting call - see Joanne’s column on page 75.

Insurance progress

As we went to press yesterday, word came through of good news on equine and hunting insurance. A deal for hunting insurance has been secured with a European-based company and we expect to be able to announce the confirmed details next week.