LAUNCHED in keeping with Biodiversity Week, Teagasc Equine and Countryside Management Specialists launched the ‘Equine Farming and Biodiversity’ photography competition aimed at highlighting some of the many examples of biodiversity found on equine farms around the country. The competition provides a great opportunity for non-professional photographers to get snapping and be in with a chance to win exciting prizes, with the overall prize fund valued at €500.

What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity simply means ‘biological diversity’ - native Irish flora, fauna and the habitats in which they exist. Examples are hedges, trees, watercourses, species rich grassland and stone walls. Biodiversity is enhanced by protecting and managing them correctly. The presence of birds, bats, bees and wildlife indicate a healthy environment. Traditional equine breeds like the Irish Draught and the Connemara Pony are a link to the past and give a sense of local identity.

Speaking at the launch of the Teagasc ‘Equine Farming and Biodiversity’ photo competition, equine specialist Wendy Conlon said: “We are very pleased to organise this competition and look forward to seeing the entries.” The competition invites the submission of good quality digital images capturing some of the wider benefits of equine farming with biodiversity in mind.

Teagasc countryside management specialist Catherine Keena added: “The enhancement of biodiversity can deliver many benefits, providing great places for recreation and valuable resources on the farm. We hope to showcase a range of suitable photos that reflect the contribution equine farms are making to protecting biodiversity across the landscape of Ireland.”

The competition will remain open for entries until June 10th 2022. Photos must be taken ‘on your farm’ and include an equine, or equines, whilst also showcasing examples of biodiversity. Individual participants may submit a maximum of one photo.

Further information is available online.