(December 7th-12th)

CSI3*: Billy Twomey with Chat Botte E.D

CSIYH1*: Billy Twomey with Chef of Flanders Fields Z


Thermal, California

(December 8th-12)

CSI5*-MLSJ: Andrew Bournes with Darquito, Sea Topblue (ISH), Jordan Coyle with Ariso, Picador, Nicky Galligan with Castelissimo, Javas Miss Jordan (ISH), Mark Kinsella with Beryl D’Argent, Paul O’Shea with Hellcat, Imerald Van’t Voorhof, Conor Swail with Theo 160, Vital Chance De La Roque

CSI2*: Mark Kinsella with Corradina, Conor Swail with Gamble



(December 9th-12th)

CSI2*: Anna Duff with Diva Castella

CSI1*: Anna Duff with Cracker Z

Lier, Belgium 09/12/21-12/12/21

CSI1*: Tori Dunn with Sumas Taloubet (ISH), Niamh Hanley with Showoff AF Z, Jamie Landers with Al Zubara, Ciaran Nallon with Conthicosse PS

CSI2*: Jonathon Gordon with Capri, Conchita, Sven Joseph Hadley with Garryduff Jar of Hearts (ISH), Topspin, Uidam (ISH), Cameron Hanley with ESI Toulouse (ISH), Jamie Landers with Cordasino, Ciaran Nallon with Dolce Vita Des Ouches, McFlurry 10, Thomas Ryan with Insider VDL, Springfield 21

CSIYH1*: Tori Dunn with Z Seven Amour (ISH), Jonathon Gordon with CBI Karhari (ISH) Sven Joseph Hadley with HSH Harper Du Seigneur (ISH), Thomas Ryan with Kendrick 4



(December 9th-12th)

CSI5*: Bertram Allen with Classified (ISH), Pacino Amiro (ISH), Darragh Kenny with Idalville D’Esprit, VDL Cartello, Volnay Du Boisdeville, Mark McAuley with Cap West, Jasco VD Bisschop, Miebello

CSIU25-A: Jason Foley with Madorada DW, Jack Ryan with BBS McGregor (ISH)

CIX Arena: Cathal Daniels with Alcatraz


La Coruna

(December 9th-12th)

CSI5*-W: Michael G. Duffy with Lapuccino 2, Rising Son, Denis Lynch with Cristello, Rubens LS La Silla, Eoin McMahon with Chacon 2, Chakra 9, Michael Pender with HHS Calais (ISH), HHS Fast Forward (ISH)