TO GUARD and adequately protect horses in your yard, it is wise first of all to take into consideration the greatest threats to the safety of horses: theft and fire.

While they do not guarantee the complete protection of your equine companions and of your yards, the following safety measures will give you some peace of mind when around or away from your livery stable and horses.


  • No smoking policy
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Vary your timetable – alongside precautions against fire hazards, it is also important to take measures to deter any ill-intentioned passer-by from stealing costly equipment or, even worse, your equine friends. One simple yet effective method is to mix up your schedule and to visit your stable at different times during the week. This way, the yard will look constantly busy, thus hopefully discouraging any potential thief that is hoping to access your barn.
  • Sensor-operated security lights
  • Burglar alarms
  • Warning signs
  • Keep valuable items out of sight
  • Horse identification
  • As with everything in life, there is no hiding that things can go wrong without warning. It is sensible to always be covered by a livery yard insurance package that can provide financial support when undesired eventualities occur. While it will never fill the void of losing your equine friend, it can be a vital helping hand when having to deal with the aftermath of a crime or of other unpleasant episodes.

    However, by adopting the security measures mentioned above, you can rest assured that both your stable and horses are on the right track towards being as safe as they can be.

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