BRIAN Mangan was given honorary FEI board member status at the 2021 FEI General Assembly in Antwerp, Belgium, on Wednesday.

From Fermoy in Co Cork, Mangan joined the Bureau of the FEI in 2009 and held the role of chair of the Audit and Compliance committee until 2020. Speaking about Mangan, FEI President Ingmar de Vos said: “He has been very instrumental to the FEI as chair of the audit and compliance to 2009 to 2020.

“He was very instrumental as chair of the Audit and Compliance committee to identify the risks of this organisation not only from financial, but also from other potential threats to our organisation, and it is thanks to him that we have a very strong risk management system in place.”

Mangan accepted the honour from de Vos, commenting: “This great great honour. As I came to the end of my time on the board, I really felt I would miss my involvement with the FEI. This honorary board membership will give me a permanent connection with the FEI family and I really really appreciate it.”