FOLLOWING recommendations outlined by the Crowley Report, Showjumping Ireland’s Executive Committee has given notice to call an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) on January 7th, 2022 in the Mullingar Park Hotel at 7pm.

The EGM will see resolutions relating to changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Showjumping Ireland.

Item three will see the proposal, appointment and ratification of new auditors for 2022 as the current, Auditors RBK, have come to the end of their term of service. Item four is to ratify the changes in the Memorandum and Articles relating to the reduction the SJI Executive from 21 members to 12, plus a Chairman.

It will be proposed to have three nominated directors from each region. Proposed changes will see members of the Executive now referred to as the Board of Directors. It will also be proposed that meetings of the Board of Directors and of standing committees may be held electronically.

The Crowley Report was commissioned as an internal report by Showjumping Ireland to address the issues of governance, operation and oversight and to make recommendations for improvement in the governance and organisational structure of the organisation.