THE WEEK THAT WAS: Catering for the younger racegoers
Anne Marie Duff
It was still good to see children present taking an early interest in what was going on
5 August 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: More measures of success needed
Leo Powell calls for less negativity abour racing, and lauds the efforts of Galway Races' team
22 July 2022 Racing columns
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Are we losing the wonder of racing?
To promote racing primarily as a gambling medium, with all the negative associations that brings, is madness.
THE WEEK THAT WAS: On Twitter this week
Need to keep the eye on the ball when it comes to racecoures admission prices
15 July 2022 Racing columns
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Begin with the basics
If tracks and the authorities at the larger tracks are addressing attendance figures, they need to take on board areas that can be easily improved
1 July 2022 Racing columns
NEWS: Racecourse attendances below 2019 levels
HRI has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at getting people "off the sofa" and in to racecourses
17 June 2022 Racing News
THE WEEK THAT WAS: If the way of life comes to an end?
While there was positive news this week on racecourse attendances, there was more worrying news behind the scenes
6 May 2022 Racing columns