PARROT MOUTH: Brexit leaves Irish buyers on the canvas
Irish Field Contributor
There are significant extra costs associated with importing art from Britain into Ireland
16 September 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Minister intervenes on broodmare bond
There could be good news soon for Irish stallion owners who have seen a drop in the number of visiting British mares
19 August 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Pressure applied to remove more Brexit barriers
British authorities took steps this week to make it easier for Irish horses to cross the Irish Sea temporarily. Now the ITBA want Revenue to reciprocate these measures
NEWS: Big drop in number of British mares visiting Irish stallions
Brexit and rising transport costs are thought to be the main reasons behind the sharp decrease in the amount of movement of broodmares between jurisdictions
5 August 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Brexit delays "detrimental" to horse welfare
International riders moving horses from the UK to the EU this week said horse welfare is suffering due to long delays
25 March 2022 Sport horse news
COMMENT: Taking in the bigger picture
The State's inaugural Equine Census and EU steps on tackling antimicrobial resistance are inextricably linked to protecting human health
11 February 2022 Sport horse news
REVIEW 2021 - Talking Points: EHV threatened to scupper international activity
The Equine Herpes Virus outbreak ed to the FEI cancelling international events in 11 countries on the European mainland from March 1st to April 11th
31 December 2021 Sport horse news
PARROT MOUTH: Rachael a world star
Vote early and often for our Rachael Blackmore to win the BBC World Sports Star 2021 Award
10 December 2021 Racing columns