HEALTH: Be realistic with New Year resolutions
Leo Powell
Leo Powell looks at the best New Year resolutions you can make that will help to enhance your mental wellbeing
12 November 2021 Racing features
HEALTH: How to help with a gambling addiction
Leo Powell provides useful tips on how to cope with a gambling addiction, and suggests some organisations that can offer help and support
29 October 2021 Racing features
HEALTH: Movember is worth your attention
Leo Powell recalls fundraising for Movember, and asks for your participation this year
HEALTH: How connections help
Leo Powell suggests a number of ways to connect with people and help your mental health
15 October 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: 10 tips to make life better
Leo Powell previews World Mental Health Day next Sunday with some tips on how to improve our lives
1 October 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Important lessons horses can teach us
Leo Powell caught up with Emma Robinson of HorseBack UK to learn some lessons you can use at home - even without a horse
17 September 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Shining a light on SAD
Leo Powell has some ideas to help maintain mental health in autumn and winter, especially for those who suffer from Seasonal Affactive Disorder
20 August 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Eight self-care activities
Leo Powell says that taking time out each day for yourself isn’t a luxury, it is an investment
6 August 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Overcoming fear and anxiety
Leo Powell offers some tips on how to deal with anxiety, a common experience for people
23 July 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Enhanced support for racing and breeding sectors
Leo Powell has details of the industry assistance programme (IAP) which is free to people working with horses
9 July 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Getting in tune with nature
Aristotle, who lived from 384 to 322 BC wrote that "There is something to be wondered at in all of Nature". Leo Powell has some tips on how this can help our mental health
14 May 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Anxiety - the facts
Leo Powell with some facts about the increasing problem of anxiety
19 February 2021 Inside Racing