Horse Care
Hounds of love
Helen Sharp
Horse Sense talks to the Fermanagh Harriers about their current pack
24 June 2022 Miscellaneous
Advertorial: Keeping your best friend moving
All you need to know for the nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints in dogs Brought to you by TRM Pet
24 June 2022 Veterinary
Saving Gracie
Canine carers at Dogs Trust Ireland were shocked to find a wooden skewer protruding from the side of a dog who was brought into their Munster Rehoming Facility.
Advertorial: Boost your dog's wellbeing
The experts at Gain have formulated a range of superior dog food to optimise your best friend's health at all stages of their life
24 June 2022 Miscellaneous
Pooch Portraits
The team had a tough job selecting our finalists for the pooch portrait competition but we think you'll agree they make a fine pack!
24 June 2022 Miscellaneous
Advertorial: The Country Store - a one stop shop for happy, healthy dogs
The Country Store have all you need to keep your dog fit, active and happy
24 June 2022 Miscellaneous
The what, the why and the how of canine physiotherapy
Leah Kent explains the positive benefits of physiotherapy for your four-legged friend
24 June 2022 Veterinary
Who is in the groom’s corner?
Continuing her look at staffing in the equine industry, Helen Sharp talks to Alison McIvor, director of Show Grooms International, about respecting and protecting our dedicated grooms