THE WEEK THAT WAS: Racing needs to look at itself
Anne Marie Duff
A closed shop mentality and 'Who? Me?' attitude does not help racing's image in the bigger picture of things.
25 February 2022 Racing columns
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Still smoke but no flame
A cloak and dagger drama of a Trainer x and a John Doe is still floating around with lack of definite evidence put forward
4 February 2022 Racing News
NEWS: US veterinary surgeon facing jail term
The long-running FBI-led investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in New York racing has yielded another conviction
THE WEEK THAT WAS: French arrests spell more troubles
The arrests of trainers in France was another nail in the head of thinking we operate a clean sport on this side of the Atlantic
10 December 2021 Racing columns
NEWS: Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit dies of heart attack
The colt died this morning on the track at Santa Anita of an apparent heart attack during a workout.
6 December 2021 International Racing