EDITORIAL: More measures of success needed
Leo Powell
Leo Powell calls for less negativity abour racing, and lauds the efforts of Galway Races' team
22 July 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Time to show your appreciation
Leo Powell encourages employers and colleagues to get nominating today for excellence awards
15 July 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Whipping up an unnecessary storm
Leo Powell suggests that we should listen to the professional riders who are largely in support of the new changes
EDITORIAL: Investing in Irish-breds means buying success
Leo Powell urges readers to base their buying on facts rather than perceptions
8 July 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Reality is what matters, not skewed perceptions
Leo Powell suggests that racing at the Curragh was value for money, and calls for more positivity
1 July 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Memories made to last
Leo Powell enjoyed a glorious week of racing at Royal Ascot, and lists some of teh highlights
17 June 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Time to take Pride in Irish racing
Leo Powell issues a call for infleuential voices to speak out in support of inclusivity in racing and the workplace
10 June 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Let's try to embrace positivity
Leo Powell is worried that negativity is overshadowing the good news stories in racing
27 May 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Acknowledging Ireland’s success
Leo Powell welcomes the decison by RTÉ to cover four rounds of Ireland's Nations Cup challenge
13 May 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: The thin end of the wedge
Leo Powell is worried about the decision to drop equestrianism from the modern pentathlon, and wonders could it impact other sports involving horses
6 May 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: All hail King Mullins
Leo Powell salutes the achievements of Willie Mullins as he lands a 16th trainers' title
29 April 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: There is always room for improvements to be made
Leo Powell on the topics of the week, including the publication of the review of the IHRB's Equine Anti-Doping Programme
22 April 2022 Editorial