EDITORIAL: Industry deserves a special study
Leo Powell
Leo Powell takes his hat off to the brave and optimistic people who populate racing and breeding
18 November 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Heavy hitters with a tough task ahead of them
Leo Powell asks for a period of calm to allow the new Horse Sport Ireland board get to grips with the current situation
11 November 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: What we do, not what we say, counts
Leo Powell was impressed by the world of World Horse Welfare chief Roly Owers this week
EDITORIAL: Decision time for stallion owners
Leo Powell anticipates a slew of stallion fee announcements in the coming weeks
21 October 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Three very different farewells
Leo Powell pays tribute to Val Joyce, and wishes well to Shane O'Dwyer and Baaeed
14 October 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: What was he thinking?
Leo Powell comments on the Soumillon/Ryan incident, and recommends people to listed to Tony Parker's views on broadening racing's appeal
7 October 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Many of the world’s best on show in Paris
Leo Powell suggests that victory for Alpinista in the Arc would be justified
30 September 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: 79,700 thanks to you all
Leo Powell writes about circulation, free racecourse passes, a farm sale and a classic winner
16 September 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: A week of untold sadness
Leo Powell writes about the deaths of Jack de Bromhead and Queen Elizabeth II
9 September 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: The numbers do not add up
Leo Powell on why the British Horseracing Authority has to do more, and know what they are doing
26 August 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: A thrilling week nears an end
Leo Powell is looking forward to some downtime after the welcome return of the Dublin Horse Show
19 August 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Can you help - please?
Leo Powell issues a please for help to rescue pony racing, and calls on employers to show their appreciation
12 August 2022 Editorial