HEALTH: Physical solutions for your fatigue
Leo Powell
Leo Powell has some practical advice to help you over come fatigue
22 December 2021 Racing features
HEALTH: Be realistic with New Year resolutions
Leo Powell looks at the best New Year resolutions you can make that will help to enhance your mental wellbeing
10 December 2021 Sponsored
HEALTH: Getting fit has many benefits
With Christmas approaching, Leo Powell suggests some ways to start getting physically, and mentally, fit
HEALTH: Think of others during the festive period
Leo Powell has 12 hints to help make Christmas less stressful for you and your loved ones
26 November 2021 Racing features
HEALTH: How connections help
Leo Powell suggests a number of ways to connect with people and help your mental health
15 October 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Important lessons horses can teach us
Leo Powell caught up with Emma Robinson of HorseBack UK to learn some lessons you can use at home - even without a horse
17 September 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: World Suicide Prevention Day
Leo Powell has some suggestions on ways to make a real difference if you believe someone you care about is having suicidal thoughts
3 September 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Make sleep a priority
Not only is poor sleep seen as a symptom of mental health difficulties, many people believe that not getting enough sleep can be the cause of mental health problems. Leo Powell has some advice
11 June 2021 Inside Racing
EDITORIAL: Tennis can learn from racing's empathy
Leo Powell on the shameful conduct of the French Open organisers, which forced the Naomi Osaka to withdraw
4 June 2021 Editorial
HEALTH: Getting in tune with nature
Aristotle, who lived from 384 to 322 BC wrote that "There is something to be wondered at in all of Nature". Leo Powell has some tips on how this can help our mental health
14 May 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: It is possible to feel lonely among friends
Leo Powell says that loneliness takes many forms, and suggests some practical ways to overcome the feeling
2 April 2021 Inside Racing
EDITORIAL: Never be afraid to talk
Leo Powell calls on all groups in the racing and breeding industry to have a mental health first aider
26 March 2021 Editorial