NEWS: 'I can't see the benefit of new British whip rules'
Mark Costello
Leading jump jockey Danny Mullins and jockeys' representative Andrew Coonan share concerns over the latest amendments to the whip rules in Britain
22 November 2022 Racing News
NEWS: New whip rules for British racing in 2023
Irish riders will have to familiarise themselves with and adapt to the new rules before the Cheltenham Festival in March
4 November 2022 Veterinary
Use of the whip – safety or encouragement?
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD revisits the question of whip use in the run up to the implementation of the new BHA rules
EDITORIAL: Whipping up an unnecessary storm
Leo Powell suggests that we should listen to the professional riders who are largely in support of the new changes
15 July 2022 Editorial
NEWS: British racing braced for new whip rules
The IHRB says there are no plans to change the whip rules in Irish racing
15 July 2022 Racing News
New whip rules: What you need to know
We answer your questions on the latest changes to the whip rules in British racing
12 July 2022 Racing News
Whip penalties to increase in British racing
Disqualification will be an option in cases where the whip has been used four times or more above the permitted level in all races
12 July 2022 Racing News
Use of whip could result in disqualification under new BHA rules
The introduction of these rules is likely to prove unpopular with bookmakers and punters and the disqualification of horses in high profile races is likely to prove controversial in the mainstream.
8 July 2022 Racing News