BABY, it’s cold outside. As equestrians we tend to get it right for our horses when the cold wind blows, but wrapping ourselves up properly and staying dry(ish) can be tricky. Being warm and dry can make the difference between a truly miserable winter and one enjoying crisp winter mornings and long days on the gallops or following the hunt.

So if you really want to say ‘I love you’ this Christmas, think outdoor equipment or ski shops and get your loved ones the gift of warmth this Christmas.

Rugging up

It’s all about the layers. Many thin layers are most effective in keeping us cosy, they are also easier to slip on and off when going in and out of the barn or schooling horses. Merino wool base layers are widely considered the best in all outdoor sports. But don’t neglect legs - thermal insulated leggings, long johns and/or full-length chaps can be a lifesaver. Show you care, buy layers!


Brand and thickness of glove vary, a good idea is to buy a thick hard-wearing pair for yard work and a thin glove for riding. In an outdoor job where there will be regular contact with water buckets, drinkers and sweaty horses, having both pairs waterproof is a necessity. You can buy silk or merino liners for extra toasty hands.


The best way of keeping feet warm is to wear a thin silk or polypropylene layer followed by a tightly woven thicker wool sock. Neoprene lined wellies are much warmer than their cheaper, purely rubber counterparts. Buy both for your loved one and just add a bow!


A good quality beanie is a must for sticking on after you take your riding hat off. Headbands are great for warm ears too. Snoods rather than scarves can be less bulky and great for pulling up to your eyes on a freezing day out on horseback. Popular with the racing crowd for bracing early mornings whizzing up the gallops are fleece lined ear muffs that attach to your riding helmet securely without affecting the fit.

Stocking fillers

Chemical hand and foot warmers (right) are a great for shoving down wellies and gloves on really chilly days. They may only work for a short amount of time but they help get you out the door until you’re warmed up from working. Damp and cold weather is murder for chapped hands, a little tube of hand cream will go a long way. Similarly, dry and chapped lips from the freezing wind is another perk of the job.