AS I stood and watched the horseflies devour my mare in the recent heatwave, I made it my mission to find a fly rug which not only kept the flies off, but also was a more environmentally friendly rug than ones I’ve bought before. It wasn’t such an easy find, but there’s a trio of fly rugs developed by Horseware Ireland which includes the useful Amigo AmECO Bug Buster Fly Sheet.

This good-looking fly rug is made from 149 recycled plastic bottles and according to the manufacturer, the fabric making process itself boasts 65% less greenhouse gas emissions than regular polyester yarn used in fabric production. The eco-conscious fabric also incorporates sun reflecting properties to keep your horse cool. The rug also has shoulder, mane and tail lining which reduces friction and helps stimulate the natural oils of your horse’s coat and tail. I found this rug for €116.99 online, but prices vary.

The Derby House Evolution Recycled Fly is another environmentally conscious rug available. Made from 100% recycled polyester, on average 38 bottles are used to make a metre of fabric for this innovative light fly rug, that’s roughly 152 bottles in a 6’3” rug. I found this rug online for €44.36, again prices vary. Both rugs have a full belly wrap for maximum coverage from biting beasties, with three adjustable surcingles. The Derby House rug comes with a fly mask also included.

Other rug companies such as Weatherbeeta and Bucas have eco-conscious ranges but as yet don’t have a fly rug on offer.