Love this Racing League Teams make-up. The Ireland team has three British lads, the one Scottish jockey is riding for London & The South, there’s an Italian lad riding for the London & The South team too, an Irish lad riding for the East, and an Italian riding for Wales & West.

Mike Crolla@MikeCrolla

Racing League v2: better for @itvracing touch, better format & dates, very competitive races. Each fixture doesn’t build to climax e.g. double points Race 7, format point missed? Still bolt onto fixture list which wrangles with general field sizes; also crowd looked v. small on TV.

Thomas Pearson@PearsonsPicks

I’d not be the biggest fan of the concept behind the Racing League but simple facts are in a time of dire prize money and small fields they provided good field sizes, competitive racing at a decent level with decent prize money tonight. Hard to knock too much tbh.

Eoin Ryan@BetOnRyaner

I’m not complaining as it was very comfortable on course this week imo. However racing has a problem and it’s not an easy one to solve. The middle aged racegoer (with money) has not turned up. Plenty of older people and loads of younger but neither big spenders.

John Purcell@JohnPurcell5

I’ve been going to Galway races since the early 70s - the constant has been the quality/uniqueness of the experience, the competition, consistent improvement of the racing, the facilities, the track conditions, value for money imo standards maintained in 22.


Is it about being exceptional, or do breeders just want early speed? Middle distance appears to be dying out here with Derby winners no longer viable stallions, I reckon in a few years Japan will be sending third and fourth strings over to mop up the big 12f races.