Irish international entries


Vejer de la Frontera


CSI1*: Oisin Aylward with WKD Gazella (ISH), Michael Duffy with Lopez 39, Gabrielle Enright with Bentley, Billy Bilboa, GB Celine, Victoria Loane with Juicy (ISH), Aoife McCabe with Atlantic Coltaire (ISH), Brian Morrison with Global Faerlie Flashy, Global Jenson WFS, Joanne Sloan-Allen with Amigo Cascada M, Wicked Hope, Billy Twomey with Chef of Flanders Fields Z

CSI4*: Kellie Allen with Quel Filou 16, Paul Beecher with Caruso 568, Glamstone, SVS Sensation (ISH), Jessica Burke with Ashdale Divine, Inpulss, Namamia, Nikey HH, Anthony Condon with Ajaccienne, Babou Derick, Billy Bakewell, SFS Mirage, James Connors Smyth with Improver, Ivan Dalton with Bentley Van’t Hulgenrode Z, Ex Ranger HH Z, Michael Duffy with Cadeau W Z, Franklin, Lumbumbo, Isabel Fitzpatrick with Fourth of July, SHW Candies Diamond, Susan Fitzpatrick with Keatingstown Skorphults Joker, Miss Paris, Verdict De Kezeg, Jason Foley with Clyde VA, Cnoc Rua Chinook (ISH), Keatingstown Z Wellie Two (ISH), Madorada DW, Eoin Gallagher with Fabtastico B, I Love You M, Over Lux, Cameron Hanley with ESI Toulouse (ISH), Richard Howley with Fame, Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Castlefield Hera (ISH), Castlefield Kamira, Coco Blue, Cuffesgrange Cavadora (ISH), ESI Jet Set (ISH), Paul Kennedy with Curious George, Dermot Lennon with Anthem in my Heart (ISH), L’Esprit Hero Z, Millview Cicero (ISH), Daniel McAlinden with AHG Whiterock Doctor Cruise (ISH), Ultimate Cooley (ISH), Aoife McCabe with Mona Lisa Quality, Sean Monaghan with A.N Cassius, EMS Adelaide (ISH), Memphis V/D Vaart, Brian Morrison with Gaslight VDL, Global Orchid, Michael Pender with Elektra Des Premices, HHS Fast Forward (ISH), HHS Fortune (ISH), HHS Javas Gucci (ISH), HHS Los Angeles (ISH), Nando Quality, Ella Quigley with Air Wings Z, Curly Sky F, I, One To Go, Emily Turkington with Cornet, Djumbe D’Amour, Billy Twomey with Caldero, Chat Botte E.D. DXB Legend, Frenchy VDS, Lady Lou, Lady Pilox, Vagabon Des Forests

CSIYH1*: Kellie Allen with Capitano Nero HG Z, Faery Queen, Kindly, Paul Beecher with Brogagh Darcy (ISH), CBI Loughtnatousa Khaleesi (ISH), Danio VB Z, Marley, Starfield Brighteye (ISH), Killian Brown with Air Brush Z, Chanel Overcinge’s Z, Karlsson, Jessica Burke with Billy Outback, Anthony Condon with Bellevue Celestial (ISH), SFS Houdini, Wild Star HF, James Connors Smyth with Kamena Eikenrode, Know Me F, Luna Leva, Ivan Dalton with Foriana De Gaia Z, Grifondor Du Rouet, Keep Cool, Romelus De Muze, Isabel Fitzpatrick with Kannan CK (ISH), Jason Foley with Balia Silvia, Castlefield Kingston, Far West De Hus, Eoin Gallagher with Sure D’Elle Z, Richard Howley with Cherrydan S, Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Curra Ferro (ISH), ESI Ali (ISH), ESI Rocky (ISH), Paul Kennedy with Billy Hastings E.T, Dermot Lennon with Kinmar Bespoke (ISH), Lord Of The Rings BMH, Play Ball (ISH), Aoife McCabe with Galwaybay Sparkie (ISH), LVS Enigma (ISH), Conor McMahon with Quintano Van’t Smiske, Sean Monaghan with Domino Van Het Gehucht Z, Jannik PS, Brian Morrison with Global Kiekeboe, Global Renaissance, Emily Turkington with Cissi, Fashion Lights, Hadj Des Fontaines, Look at Me GR, Tricolor MB


Wellington, Florida


CSI4*: Andrew Bourns with Darquito, Sea Topblue (ISH), Brian Cournane with Vittorio 12, Julian Cournane with Fiestamunde, Daniel Coyle with Amalia, Farona, Oak Grove’s Carlyle, Jordan Coyle with Centriko Volo, Costa Diam, Darragh Kenny with Gouvernante VDL, Great-Tikila J, Volnay Du Boisdeville, Darragh Kerins with Carllos JD Z, Intuitive, Mark McAuley with GRS Lady Amaro (ISH), Jasco VD Bisschop, O’Hara ELS, Richie Moloney with Coco Beach, Merqusio, David O’Brien with El Balou OLD, Cian O’Connor with Cathalina S, Taj Mahal, Paul O’Shea with Sexy Beast, Squirt Gun, Conor Swail with Nadal Hero & DB, Theo 160, Vital Chance De La Roque, Shane Sweetnam with Alejandro, Holliewood, Lavallino Ter Klomp, Max Wachman with Dorette, Tom Wachman with Lazzaro Delle Schiave

CSIU25-A: Francis Derwin with Ricore Coucelle, Scarlette Du Sart Z, Max Wachman with Quintin, Tom Wachman with H H Fireball, Urvoso Du Roch




CSI1*: Joanne Blair with Disa DM 42, Emily 183, Kdora Night, Virunga H Z, Aisling Byrne with Bronson De Reve (ISH), Wellview Lucy (ISH), Sophie Dalm with I’m Special, James Derham with Free The Win Semilly, The Great Escape OS, Frederick Goltz with Eager, Hugo, TJ Mullanacross Maliro (ISH), Shane O’Meara with Iris, Konnemara HX, Kevin Thorton with Empire AEG Z

CSI3*: Sophie Dalm with Guilietta, Gutascha, Kiri Royal, Volnay De Choc Z, Shane O’Meara with Ici, Ikaberlina RV, Kevin Thornton with Texas KDW Z

CSIYH1*: Joanne Blair with Attagirl, Fuerty Hero Brigade (ISH), Tranquility Bay (ISH), Sophie Dalm with Con Crowny, King Solier, Legend, Leon Solier, Lolita, Fiona O’Malley with DPS Dictator (ISH), DPS Orchestrator (ISH), DPS Starboy Z, Shane O’Meara with Nindino PS, Kevin Thornton with Champions League, Comanche DV Z, Come On, Eleanor, Supreme Action




CSI2*: Anna Duff with Diva Castella, Michael G Duffy with Borelli T, Castlefield Rubinus, DPS Revere (ISH)

CS1*: Anna Duff with BP Maestro (ISH), Canazei Z, Michael G Duffy with Joberlina TN,

CSIYH1*: Anna Duff with Ballinamurra Galaxy (ISH)


Gorla Minore


CSI4*: Trevor Breen with Dancing Wolf O.L, Germaine W, Highland President, Toyger, Ciaran Dreeling with Jataki, Valentino

CSI1*: Trevor Breen with Jicarla T, Ciaran Dreeling with Hertog Jan, Kevlar De Loi, Olympia Van De Padenborre




CSI1*: Shanne Breen with Cato Boy, Joshua James Lynch with Chares, Cover L

CSI2*: Shane Breen with Elmira Mail, Shaqiri, Vistogrand, Z7 Regal Don, Joshua James Lynch with Abigal R

CSIYH1*: Shane Breen with Koh-I-Noor, Lucky Luck, Z7 Dubai Castlefield, Joshua James Lynch with Jenulda, Otis Van Het Weyenshof




CSI5*: Denis Lynch with Brooklyn Heights, Cornets Iberio

CSIU25-A: Anna Carway with Ajaccio, Matt Garrigan with Quickchin WH Z