PARROT MOUTH: Irish farriers on top of the world
Mark Costello
News of a historic Irish win at the International Team Horseshoeing Championships
9 September 2022 Hoofcare
The hoof of the hunt
Readying your hunter's hooves for the season ahead with Master Farrier Andrew Mahon
1 July 2022 Hoofcare
Foal feet and how to survive them
Farrier Ramon Koppendraaier has a lot of experience in trimming and correction of hooves, from foals to sport horses. He answers six questions on the dos and don’ts of foal feet
Open day at Irish School of Farriery
All are welcome to attend the Kildare town premises on Tuesday, May 24th, from 3pm to 5pm
Straight from the farrier's mouth
When it comes to taking care of your four-legged friend's feet, three leading farriers share their advice
25 March 2022 Hoofcare
The mighty frog
The most important part of your horse’s hoof is the frog, playing a vital role in your horse’s long-term soundness
25 March 2022 Hoofcare
Barefoot Olympians
Horse Sense delves into the barefoot debate and discovers one shoe does not fit all
25 March 2022 Hoofcare