THE WEEK THAT WAS: Curragh under Dáil scrutiny
Anne Marie Duff
HRI CEO Suzanne Eade, answered questions from TDs on the HRI accounts.
26 August 2022 Racing columns
THE WEEK THAT WAS: And he drove the fastest horse box...
Ado McGuinness was fined €750 at an IHRB hearing this week for failing to have Laugh A Minute available for a post-race sample- the horse having left the track
19 August 2022 Racing features
THE BIG INTERVIEW: Bernard Smullen
After 57 years working for The Turf Club/IHRB, mostly in the point-to-point sector, Bernard Smullen retired in May. He talks to Ronan Groome about his time in the game
Wesley Joyce 'fully alert and responsive'
The young Limerick jockey is recovering from the serious injuries he sustained in a fall at the Galway Festival
5 August 2022 Racing News
FEATURE: Martin O'Donnell - steady hand on the reins
Chairman of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board, Martin O'Donnell talks horses, hunting and racing with Dickie Power
11 July 2022 Other disciplines
NEWS: Racing criticised over lack of progress on Oireachtas report
“The responses we are getting back are not up to the standard required to allow us to say with confidence that this sector is above reproach”
3 June 2022 Racing News
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Racing needs to look at itself
A closed shop mentality and 'Who? Me?' attitude does not help racing's image in the bigger picture of things.
27 May 2022 Racing columns
NEWS: Senior 'stipe' Peter Matthews to retire
The racing official has given over 40 years' service to the Turf Club and IHRB
20 May 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Darragh O’Loughlin appointed new IHRB CEO
'We look forward to him leading the IHRB and our top-class committed team as we enter our next strategic planning phase' - Martin O’Donnell, Chairman of the IHRB
4 May 2022 Racing News
Independent review of IHRB’s Anti-Doping Programme yields 18 recommendations
Dr Craig Suann was asked to carry out the audit by the IHRB following an Oireachtas cross-party hearing last year prompted by comments from Jim Bolger.
22 April 2022 Racing News