AN unsteady couple of weeks in the horse racing world. The John Warwick case has certainly set the cat among the pigeons. Not pleasant reading. Hard luck or bad timing for Ted Walsh and Liam Burke who happened to be at the premises in Kildare when the finding was made.

Some other names are also in the mix for having visited and used the services of John Warwick. A man whose treatments are tried and tested by lots of people for years and have been regarded as completely legal. I have no clue if all, some or none are innocent or guilty, though this week the IHRB confirmed that all horses on-site tested negative. In my time riding and training, other than Lasix and bute, which are legal to use at home, just not to race on, I came across no illegal drug use in horses. There have been some cases involving prohibited substances in the last couple of years. All I can say is that in my first-hand experience as a jockey and trainer, I have no evidence or reason to see racing as anything other than a very clean sport.

Strong sales keeping all happy

THE sales have been very much holding their own this year. Strong, strong trade on both sides of the water. Flat and National Hunt, foals, yearlings, stores and older horses, they are all making fine money. Quality pedigrees, with that in turn better looks and sounder of mind and limb.

With great competition on the owner and trainer front, it’s easy to see where the market confidence is coming from. Vendors extremely happy with their hard work, breeders’ selections proven correct and purchasers clearly happy with the final result.

It’s off to work now for the horses, into the care of their new owners and allotted trainers.

For the breeders and vendors, it’s back to refill their stock, with a little more money and confidence in reserve.