Whistleblowing is a tough gig with a recurring pattern. Jim at the phase where his peers and colleagues are rounding on him. It’s clear to me he’s getting somewhere, things are getting better. It’s painful and concerning but here’s hoping he keeps banging that drum.

Brian Arnold@heyarnoldb

British trained runners have gone unbeaten in this morning’s racecourse gallops at Newbury Trophy

Lewis TomlinsonHorse@LTRacing_

Think every point Lee Mottershead made on the hunt parade on the NLD today was spot on, the old quote “If you don’t like racing go watch Peppa Pig” is the most reckless attitude anyone can have in racing, seems a shame how many ppl look to have taken that view over Lee’s opinion

carl hinchy@carlhinchy

It’s an interesting split working class people who just love the sport and the toffs from the Cotswolds who think it’s all about their way of life.

[The problem with these comments is that very often it it the perceived ‘toffs’ who have bred, reared, and looked after, all hours of day and night, the actual horses that proved the more urban ‘working class people’ with the means for their fun. And they just might not be replaced if the way of life is challenged.]